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Our Services


Wellness & Preventative Care 

Prevention is key! In order to play a proactive role in your pet's health, its important they see their veterinarian for regular wellness check ups. Early detection of disease and intervention is crucial in order to provide your pet a long, happy & healthy life!


Our wellness and preventative services include: comprehensive nose-to-tail physical exams, vital sign checks, vaccinations, parasite screening, routine lab work, deworming and heartworm/flea/tick prevention.

Ask us about our Pet Package for puppies and kittens 8-11 weeks of age!


Dental health is a very important part of your pet’s overall health. In fact, poor dental health can often lead to other health complications such as heart, kidney, or liver disease.

Through proper dental care, we aim to eliminate oral pain and discomfort, prevent premature tooth loss, and eradicate any infection associated with periodontal disease. 

For every dental procedure we perform a sedated oral evaluation, scaling and polishing of the teeth, dental x-rays, and if necessary, dental extractions.

At home care is crucial to maintain your pet’s dental health. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations for oral hygiene products that will work best for your pet. 



In addition to traditional scalpel surgery, we also offer cutting edge laser technology. Laser surgery can be utilized in most surgical procedures and has multiple benefits to your pet including:

less bleeding and swelling

less pain and discomfort

quicker post op recovery


Commonly performed procedures:

Routine spay/neuter, Mass removals, Cystotomy, Nares resection, Enucleation



X-ray imaging is an important diagnostic tool which can help your veterinarian to identify musculoskeletal and major organ system abnormalities.

Our radiograph images are captured digitally and can be easily shared with other veterinary experts in cases where consultations or referrals are necessary.


Laser Therapy

MLS laser therapy is a non-invasive, painless method used to commonly treat conditions such as: arthritis & tendonitis, hip dysplasia, post op and wounds, sprains & strains, joint pain, disc disease and general inflammation.


How does it work?

Specific wavelengths of light enter damaged cells and stimulate inter-cellular activity reducing pain and speeding up the recovery process.


In-House Laboratory

In-house labs enable your veterinarian to obtain important information about your pet's health, results typically being available within 30 minutes. These labs are used to help diagnose both acute and chronic conditions that may be effecting your pet such as pancreatitis, UTIs, and ear infections. Receiving lab results same day allows your vet to quickly develop and implement a treatment plan for your pet.


We offer the following laboratory services in-house:

blood chemistry & hematology, urinalysis, parasite screening, cytology, heartworm testing and cultures.

For more extensive lab panels we utilize

IDEXX Laboratory.


In-House Pharmacy

Does your pet need medications? We've got you covered! We conveniently carry a wide variety of prescription medications in house for your pets' needs! 

We kindly request 24 hours notice on all prescription refill requests.

Does your pet need a medication that we don't carry?

Check out our online pharmacy, Vets First Choice!

End of Life Services 

Due to COVID-19, we have changed our protocol for end of life services.

Please contact us for more information.

Cremation services provided by Agape Pet Services located in Siler City, NC.

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